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Taylor 314ce Review

From the first moment, this guitar lay perfectly in my hands, exploding with colorful sounds as I took my first strum, and there was an immediate connection. It has been six years from that day and my Taylor 314ce and I have been inseparable through national tours, recording sessions, and campfire sing-a-longs.

What strikes me the most about this guitar is the well-balanced tone that produces a full and solid sound. I can depend on this guitar to rise to the top when I am playing rhythm or when I need to fill a broad sonic space in the mix. It also gives me intelligibility whether I am finger picking or playing softly on the strings.

Plugging this guitar in to a PA only adds to my amazement. The Taylor Expression System gives you the tools to shape the tone of your guitar to cut through a mix, create a sweet presence or a palette of other sounds. When playing live, I had no issues with feedback and I was never dry of compliments about the pleasing tone of this guitar.

Through six years of constant wear and tear, dings and dents, drops and bumps, my Taylor 314ce is still performing at its fullest and never lacking in compliments.

The Taylor 314ce is a performance workhorse that can truly “speak” for itself.

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