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Shure – Wireless Leader Goes Digital

If you’ve ever used a digital wireless system, you know that digital technology has changed the game. Not only are these new systems strikingly easier than ever to set up, but they also free you of many age-old wireless problems – notably, you won’t have to worry about interference or hunting for a clean channel at every tour stop! With a digital wireless system, you can use the same system across the globe – no legal or frequency-related woes. And the good news about digital just got better, as Shure has unleashed their new PGXD series!

A long-time leader in analog wireless technology, Shure’s PGXD systems incorporate years of acclaimed know-how, spelling good news for wireless users. Choose among complete handheld, lavalier, guitar, headset, or instrument systems. Or take a mix-and-match approach to fit your needs perfectly. Whatever you do, you can feel confident that you’re getting the renowned performance of a Shure wireless system, coupled with the many benefits of digital. A complete handheld or guitar system offers 200′ of untethered freedom as well as support for up to five systems at once. Shipping now!

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