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Mission Engineering Gemini

With the rise of modeling guitar processors has come a need for a solution for taking those processors onstage in place of a “traditional” guitar amp. The problem is getting a full-range sound so the modeler can accurately recreate the tone, without having to carry a pile of gear. Mission Engineering has the solution: the new Gemini line of powered speaker cabinets and racks.

The Gemini 1 includes a 12″ speaker plus a 1″ coaxial high-frequency driver, with 110 watts of power. You can engage or defeat the HF driver, depending on the tone you’re after, and there analog and USB inputs. If you send in a stereo signal, the Gemini can sum it to mono, or connect a second Gemini for true stereo output. The cabinet is made from 3/4″ void-free Baltic birch, with tough tolex covering, black basketweave grille cloth, and chrome hardware.

If you need more coverage, the Gemini 2 offers a pair of 12″ speakers along with a coaxial HF driver and a total of 22 watts of power. And, both the Gemini 1 with Bluetooth and Gemini 2 with Bluetooth are available with built-in bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection to a music player, such as an iPad or iPhone.

Rounding out the Gemini offerings are the Gemini H Short and Gemini H Full racks, perfect for mounting an Avid Eleven Rack or a Kemper Profiling Rack in an enclosure that completes the “amp head & cab” look.

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