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Mac OS X Mass Migration

Old timers (you know, people over 30) tell us how hard it used to be to move files and folders from your old Mac to your new Mac or to a laptop. Thankfully there is a feature that began with OS X “Tiger” that made the transfer process pretty painless. Inside your Utilities folder (which resides within your Applications folder) you’ll find an application called “Migration Assistant.” After connecting the two Macs via a simple FireWire cable, double click on the assistant and it will ask you a series of questions (such as, “Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?” – nah, just kidding). The questions appear in a series of windows and are actually quite simple. Once you complete the process, everything you want to have moved will get transferred to your new Mac or laptop, even your e-mail, bookmarks, and so forth.

Hint: Print this Tip out and tape it under your keyboard so when it’s time to upgrade or add a new Mac in your life, you won’t have to go hunting for this information; just flip the keyboard over and there it is! You’re welcome.

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