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Double-tracked Guitar with Two Unique Performances in One Take

You’re probably thinking electronic doubling or copying the track and shifting it slightly to reinforce the first track. Nope. Here’s a way to double-track guitars in a DAW without recording a second take. Let’s assume that you have a song following the usual AABACAB form. Let’s further assume that you have recorded at least one rhythm guitar track all the way through the song that you wish to keep. More than likely, the rhythm patterns for at least two of the verses (if not all four) are pretty much the same. First, chop the track into separate regions for each verse and chorus. Next, copy the second verse, paste it into an open audio track, and line it up with the first verse so that the parts play simultaneously. Voila! – Instant double tracking that sounds like two performances.

Even if there are some subtle rhythmic changes from verse to verse, combining them could make for some interesting movement. Taking it a step further, you could use verse one and two, align them and hard pan them left, then take verse three and four, double them, align them with verse one and hard pan right. You now have one huge double-tracked, stereo verse that you can paste multiple times. By combining the verses in different combinations, you can maintain some variation from verse to verse. To avoid too much sameness, a good scheme would be to have verse one and two the same with changes occurring in verses three and four. Now you have the tried and true, hard-panned, doubled heavy rock guitar rhythm track, and all you had to record was one good take.

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