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Cool Tool: Tone Preservation

If you’re using more than a pedal or two in your guitar or bass rig, then you may be familiar with sonic destruction resulting from “tone suck” — the loss of your precious tone due to long cable runs, pedal circuitry, loading, and other problems. But now we have the cure! The RJM Music Tone Saver is an audio buffer amp designed to transparently “condition” your guitar or bass signal to withstand the perils of effects processing and cable runs.

Simply add the Tone Saver to your signal path; the high-quality circuits buffer your signal and maintain your instrument’s true tone. Gain adjustment allows you to make up for losses in the signal path, while the internal 18-volt voltage doubling provides incredible headroom and preserves your playing dynamics. A second, transformer-isolated output lets you split your signal to an additional amplifier or to a tuner, secondary effects chain, or other destination.

When the pros build a pedalboard, they always include a purpose-built, super high-quality buffer amp to preserve the guitarist’s natural tone, and you should too. Now, with the Tone Saver, you’ll never suffer tone suck again!

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