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COOL TOOL: PageFlip Cicada

How are you suppose to run your computer when your hands are occupied with your guitar, bass, keyboard, or drumsticks? Put your feet to work, that’s how!

The PageFlip Cicada bluetooth pedal lets you page through digital documents and control your DAW’s transport controls with your feet, leaving your hands free to play your instrument.

The Cicada’s dual-pedal design puts page up/page down, left/right arrows, up/down arrows, left/right mouse click, and spacebar/enter controls right at your feet. Use Cicada to turn pages in PDFs and iBooks, or control your DAW’s record and stop functions without putting down your instrument. You can even take your Cicada from your desktop computer to your laptop, and even to your iPad — Cicada works with any Bluetooth- or USB-capable computer.

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