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Cool Tool: CloudLifter Mic Activator

Have a microphone that just doesn’t put out enough oomph to really drive your preamp? Using a low-output passive ribbon mic or a dynamic mic? Tracking a super-low-volume source that you need a lot of quiet, transparent gain to record? Want to reinforce a signal for a long mic cable run?

Here’s the solution: the Cloud Microphones CloudLifter CL-1 Mic Activator. The Cloudlifter gets its juice via phantom power and will add 25dB of super-clean gain to any signal passed through it. Use it to drive long cable runs, for acoustic guitars pickups, for low-output mic signals, for ribbon mics…you’ll find a ton of uses for this simple “plug-and-play” mic-level signal booster!

And, if you have a stereo mic setup that could benefit from a little boost, check out the Cloudlifter CL-2 Mic Activator.

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