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Chaining Multiple Voodoo Lab Pedal Switchers

Q: The Voodoo Lab Pedal Switcher looks ideal for my pedalboard, but I’ve got more than four pedals I want to switch. Can I chain multiple Pedal Switchers?

A: Absolutely. From an audio/guitar signal standpoint, you can chain as many Pedal Switchers together as you like. Just take the output of one and run it into the input of the next. (Experiment with whether the buffered or passive inputs give you the best tone.)

You can also daisy chain the MIDI connections on the Pedal Switchers to control an unlimited number using the Voodoo Lab Commander, or you can daisy chain up to eight Pedal Switchers together and control them from a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro. The MIDI out from the Ground Control Pro or Commander can also change presets on your MIDI-controllable effects or amplifiers, if you want.

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