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Recording Buying Guides

Mic Stands and Accessories Buying Guide

There's an almost overwhelming selection of microphone stands and mic stand accessories on the market, and looking at the hundreds of options available at Sweetwater may leave you wondering where to start. That's... Read more »

Studio Desk/Workstation Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Studio Desk or Workstation While most producers and engineers put a lot of thought into microphones, preamps, consoles, and other gear, your choice of studio desk or workstation has a huge impact... Read more »

Pro Tools Upgrade Chart

Pro Tools 12. The time to upgrade is now! Have you seen all the cool new productivity-enhancing features in Pro Tools 12? If you have, you know that there's never been a better time to upgrade. Sweetwater has teamed... Read more »

Mic Preamp Buying Guide

How to Choose a Mic Preamp Along with the musician and the microphone, your choice of microphone preamplifier will play a significant role in the final sound of your productions. And while the basic purpose of a mic... Read more »

Studio Monitors Buying Guide

How to Choose Studio Monitors Your studio monitor speakers need to provide the most accurate, uncolored representation of your music as possible. Whether you're recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, a... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools 101 Buying Guide

The Industry-standard DAW Welcome to the exciting world of Avid Pro Tools! Whether you use Pro Tools to record songs on your laptop, or a full-blown Pro Tools | HDX rig in a high-end recording studio, Pro Tools is... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools | HD Buying Guide

Stepping Into the Big Leagues Pro Tools is the industry-standard software production platform for sound work, especially for mobile use, students, or musicians on a budget; however, if you want to use what major... Read more »

Avid Pro Tools Software Buying Guide

A Production Powerhouse! When Pro Tools first hit the recording scene in 1991, it took the industry by storm, by 1997 it completely transformed it, and by the turn of the century it dominated it. You'll be... Read more »

Studio Microphone Buying Guide

How to choose a studio microphone Professional recording engineers know that creative microphone selection is an essential ingredient in every great recording. If you're new to recording, however, the subject of... Read more »

Sennheiser Wireless Mics Buying Guide

There are many reasons why you'll see Sennheiser wireless systems being used for big-name broadcast events - they're reliable and sound great, and the systems are incredibly flexible. Sennheiser has been a leader in... Read more »

Shure MOTIV Microphones Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Mic for Your Needs Shure's MOTIV digital microphones and mobile-ready recording devices offer artists, video content creators, and podcasters an array of useful hardware for capturing quality... Read more »

Royer Mics Buying Guide

You'll Capture Every Detail with Royer Ribbon Mics Recording engineers have always prized ribbon microphones for their unique sound qualities, and Royer ribbon mics are the first choice of many world-class engineers... Read more »

Yamaha Nuage Buying Guide

Complete Control Plus Professional Sound Flexible Controller and High-speed I/O for Nuendo and More When it comes to flexible DAW control, Yamaha Commercial Audio covers all of the bases with their comprehensive... Read more »

Manley Buying Guide

The Best of the Best Few relatively small gear manufacturers in the music industry are as well known and regarded as Manley Labs — and for good reason! In a world where mass-produced gadgets are stamped and shipped... Read more »

Neumann Microphones Buying Guide

Neumann Microphones With almost a century of microphone innovations to their name, every Neumann microphone is designed to be outstanding in one audio application or another. For every audio task, there's a mic... Read more »

Sennheiser Wired Mics Buying Guide

There's a Sennheiser mic for literally every audio task. At Sweetwater, we know that choosing the right mic for the job is one of the most important decisions you'll make, and affects how easily your sounds... Read more »

Sennheiser Headphones Buying Guide

The "best" headphones are the ones that were designed for the task at hand. When you choose headphones designed for the audio task at hand, you're going to have a great listening experience. Sennheiser offers a wide... Read more »

Waves DiGiGrid Buying Guide

What is a DiGiGrid SoundGrid DSP system, and how can it benefit my workflow? This buying guide will answer these questions, and give you examples of how it would be used in common applications. The dedicated DSP... Read more »

Dynaudio BM mkIII Studio Monitor Buying Guide

More than any other piece of gear in your studio, it's your studio monitors that ultimately determine the quality of your projects. From recording all the way through editing, mixing, and mastering - good monitoring... Read more »

Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II Buying Guide

The Professional Modular Interface That Can Adapt to Any Studio From solo recordings to full bands, you'll enjoy world-class sonics and incredible flexibility with an Apogee Symphony I/O Mk II audio interface in... Read more »

Focusrite REDNET Buying Guide

REDNET The Simplicity of Ethernet. The Sound of Focusrite. Introducing RedNet, Focusrite's amazing new Ethernet-based audio interface/networking system. Built on the powerful Dante protocol, RedNet is ideal in any... Read more »

Soundcraft Si Expression Buying Guide

The Soundcraft Si Expression line is ideal for those moving from analog to digital for the first time, or for the seasoned pro who still appreciates an analog approach to mixing. Powerful and versatile, the boards... Read more »

JamHub Buying Guide

Personal Monitoring, Silent Rehearsal, and So Much More! Whether you're performing with your band onstage, rehearsing late at night, or just practicing your chops at home, you'll be amazed at the power and... Read more »

Triad-Orbit Microphone Stand Buying Guide

Whether you're working in the confines of a studio or the chaos of a live stage, Triad-Orbit's modular stand system makes your job easy. If your work requires you to be as efficient as possible, then you'll love... Read more »