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What's holding you back as a drummer? Is it that stiff, squeaky kick pedal? Cymbal stands that won't stay put? A throne that kills your back for those encore sets? Whatever ails your performances, Sweetwater's drum hardware is the cure.

You see, good hardware isn't just an investment in the life of your shells and cymbals. It's also an investment in your career. Finding stands and clamps to position your gear ergonomically means less strain as you reach for crashes, toms, and percussion. A more sensitive kick pedal means less wasted energy for greater power and fluidity. And a comfortable, spine-cradling drum throne could mean the difference between a life of drumming enjoyment and a career-ending back injury.

Of course, it takes a little know-how to determine the weak link in your setup. Want our opinions? Sweetwater's full of them! Our in-house drummers have combined centuries of experience with every sort of drum hardware on the market: stands, mounts, clamps, pedals, thrones, and more.

Need a stand? Sweetwater carries everything you could need to suspend a drum or cymbal (snare stands, tom stands, crash and hi-hat stands, etc.) on your kit, and at just about every price point. This is where you'll find that double-braced TAMA your 24" ride cymbal so desperately needs, or that hydraulic DW snare stand for your main squeeze.

Interested in extending your drumming career? Invest early on in a throne like the Pork Pie Deuce or Ahead Spinal-G and reap the benefits over a lifetime. Of course, if you're young and still invincible, we carry student drum thrones to suit any budget. An interesting addition to Sweetwater's throne lineup is our Porter & Davies models. These are equipped with an internal butt kicker that lets you feel your kit - thunderous bass drums and gut-punching toms and snares - like never before. Be sure to check out Nick D'Virgilio's breakdown of some of his favorite Sweetwater thrones here.

Pedal got you down? Rejuvenate your playing with a new kick pedal from TAMA, DW, Pearl, Ludwig, or Mapex. Already have one you love? Then explore our kick and cajon beaters galore. The Ahead Switch Kick is a novel new addition to our collection. This kick-release system gives you access to rakes, brushes, felts, and traditional beaters on the fly. Now you can switch up your bass drum textures as quick as you can swap sticks.

Have a gig this weekend? See a lower price elsewhere on the Web? Just want to chat drum gear? Call us up and let us know how Sweetwater can serve your hardware needs!
Questions about Drum Hardware?

Questions about Drum Hardware?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Questions about Drum Hardware?

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