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Manley Buying Guide

The Best of the Best

Few relatively small gear manufacturers in the music industry are as well known and regarded as Manley Labs — and for good reason! In a world where mass-produced gadgets are stamped and shipped off every day, Manley somehow manages to make cutting-edge recording gear the old-fashioned way. Whether it’s a Manley Mono Microphone Preamplifier or a mastering version of their Massive Passive, you’re getting the best possible quality, right down to the component level. And when world-class acts such as U2 and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young take Manley gear on the road, you know it’s built to last.


“I’ve been using the Vari-mu as my main mix compressor for ten years and hundreds of records. I have no desire to try or even look for another mix bus compressor. I love Manley.”

— Tom Elmhirst

Mixer of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep,” 2011 Grammy Winner, Record of the Year

Tubes Rule!


At Manley Labs, they have a simple philosophy about audio in today’s digital recording world that goes, “Don’t kill it with more transistors.” When many people think about tubes, they think first and foremost about warm and wooly distortion. Not Manley. They see high-voltage tube circuitry as a means of easily providing tenfold the headroom op-amps can provide. That makes tubes the gateway to smooth highs, massive bass, and sound less savaged by the painful precision of digital media. It’s the difference you’ll hear every time you track or perform with Manley gear in your rig.

Handmade in Chino, not China


From the metalwork and engraving to the soldering and assembly, every piece of Manley gear is made with pride in their modest facility in Chino, California. Why? Because there’s nothing automatic about producing quality gear like this. It takes highly skilled engineers and technicians who are motivated by more than money to test and match tubes and pots, calibrate trims, load PC boards, and pay attention to all of the little details that put Manley gear in a class of its own. It takes pride.


Mic Preamps

From day one, Manley microphone preamps have been a huge hit with the most discerning studio engineers. Take your pick of solid-state or tube sound with the TNT or get a four-channel tube preamp with the Force. Check out the rest of Manley’s acclaimed mic pres. Learn More



Manley revived and reinvented the passive equalizer with their Massive Passive line of parametric EQs, which provide phenomenal clarity even when you use them for extreme processing. They also offer both mono and stereo versions of an Enhanced-Pultec-style EQ. Learn More



When you add a Manley dynamics processor to your rig, you’re seriously upgrading your whole studio. The only question is which processor to choose. There’s the ultra-versatile Variable Mu, the very flexible Nu Mu, the incredibly smooth ELOP+ limiter, or the hit-making Manley SLAM! Learn More


Combo Units

Some Manley processors play more than one role, such as the SLAM!, which combines top-quality dynamics with Manley’s amazing mic pres. If you’re looking for an all-in-one channel-strip solution, be sure to check out the super-popular VOXBOX or the very affordable Core. Learn More



If you’re looking for the big, fat, and present sound that defines pop vocals, then you need the Manley Reference Cardioid Microphone. Or step up to the ultimate, the Manley Gold Reference. These are the mics that producers such as Max Martin and Dr. Luke turn to when creating their next rising music icon. Learn More

And More!

One of the most amazing things about Manley is their willingness to color outside of the lines and defy conventional gear design to provide engineers such as you with unique tools that fit the way you work. Manley’s MicMAID allows microphone routing and studio flexibility that lets you work faster, so you can stay in the creative zone and it maintains the same level of impeccable sound quality that defines the Manley name.

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