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Ampeg Arrives!

When you think of bass guitar amplification, one brand name immediately leaps to the fore: Ampeg! Now Ampeg’s renowned line of bass amps, combos, and cabinets are available at Sweetwater!

Among the great Ampeg items we’ve recieved into stock recently are:

  • SVT-15E – 200-watt bass cabinet constructed of Baltic birch plywood and featuring dual 15″ cast drivers with 2.5″ voice coils and 80oz magnets. This cabinet delivers awesome low-end punch.
  • SVT-3Pro – 450-watt Pro Bass amp head loaded with three 12AX7 preamp tubes and a solid-state power amp. A bright switch, 3-band tone control with a 5-position mid tone control, 9-band graphic EQ, and Ultra Low/High boosts help you shape your sound. Conveniences include a balanced line out, effects loop, preamp out/power amp in, mute switch, tuner out, and more!
  • SVT-410HE – 500-watt bass cabinet with four 10″ drivers and a high-frequency horn/driver with L-Pad level control. This enclosure is perfect for the player who wants solid lows with extended high-frequency clarity.
  • SVT-410HLF – 500-watt 4×10 bass cabinet with extended low-frequency response down to 28Hz, plus a 1″ horn for crystal-clear highs. The SCT-410HLF actually moves 10% more air than a 2×18″ cabinet, and 25% more than three 15″ speakers!
  • SVT-450H – 450-watt bass amp head with solid-state preamp and power amp design. Features include 3-band tone controls, Ultra Mid control, 9-band graphic EQ, balanced line out, effects loop, defeatable limiter, and much more.
  • SVT-4Pro – Awesomely powerful Pro bass amp head delivering 2×300 watts (8 ohms), 2×490 watts (4 ohms) or 2×600-watts (2 ohms)…or up to 1,200 watts mono-bridged! The tone comes from three 12ax7 preamp tubes and a solid-state power amp, with 3-band tone control, Ultra Mid (5-position) control, footswitchable 9-band graphic EQ, Ultra Low/High boosts, balanced line out, dual effects loops, preamp out/power amp in, all in a rackmountable package. This could very well be the ultimate bass amp!
  • SVT-810E – This is the speaker cabinet people think of when they say “SVT.” Eight 10″ speakers provide higher efficiency than 15s or 18s, with better transient response. The sealed enclosure produces a vast amount of tight bass. A tilt-back handle bar and heavy-duty recessed wheels make moving the Baltic birch plywood unit easy. Join the multitude of bass notables who have relied on the Ampeg 8×10″ cabinet for driving their sound.

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