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What is WUP? Is my new product covered by WUP?

WUP is an acronym for Waves Update Plan. It is a platform that allows you to guarantee your Waves software is maintained and kept up-to-date, covering version updates to your software and a higher level of technical support.

WUP coverage is available for any Waves software product, from version 3.x and higher. A product covered by WUP is eligible for free updates, giving you all of the enhanced features released for that product during the period of WUP coverage.

WUP coverage lasts a year and can be renewed.

Note: update offers not used within the time of WUP coverage are lost once WUP expires.

Any new Waves software product gets free WUP for a period of one year starting on the day of product registration. During this year this product is eligible for free updates as detailed above.

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