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What does the Authorization status of the plug-ins in my Waves account mean?

Your Waves.com client account will show you any Waves plug-ins or bundles that you have registered. It also shows the Authorization status of those products, for which there are several different categories: Registered, Authorized, iLok Authorization Pending, iLok Authorization Update/Upgrade Pending, and Partially Authorized. Be sure to check out our Waves Registration Guide for step-by-step guidance on registering and authorizing your Waves product. You can find the guide here:


– “Registered” means that you have entered your registration information for your Waves product into your account, but have not yet authorized that product for use (This corresponds to steps 1-4 of our Waves Registration Guide…to Authorize your Waves product, follow steps 5-10).

– “Authorized” indicates that your Waves product has been properly authorized both on Waves’s site and on your iLok and is ready for use (this corresponds to steps 5-10 of our Waves Registration Guide). Your iLok.com account will probably not show the Waves authorization information; this is normal.

– “iLok Authorization Pending” indicates the the authorization process has been started but is not yet complete for some reason. This status appears most commonly if you have started the Authorization process but have not yet run the Waves iLok Authorizer program (step 7 of the Waves Registration guide). Other possible causes of a “Pending” status include: incorrect iLok serial number, entering your iLok user ID instead of the serial number (see step 6 of the Waves Registration Guide), or some other incorrect entry that has caused the Authorization to get hung up in Waves’s system. If your product shows “Pending” status, even after you have correctly followed our Waves Authorization Guide, contact Waves Customer Support.

– “iLok Authorization Update/Upgrade Pending” indicates that your Waves product has been updated or upgraded in your account and you need to run the Authorizer in order to complete the authorization process.

– “Partially Authorized” applies to V5 products which require multi authorizations, like the Vocal and Mercury bundles. This status indicates that you have not yet run all of the required iLok Authorizers. You do NOT need to modify your Waves account, just run the proper iLok Authorizers. If you’re not sure which iLok Authorizers you need to run, visit the iLok Autho Pending Page and select your product from the boxes at the bottom of the page.

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