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How do I set up my Crown amplifier to operate in Parallel-Mono?

The following is a step-by-step procedure to set up a Crown amplifier to operate in Parallel-Mono :
1 Make sure the amplifier is powered down.
2 Place the MODE switch (located on the back panel) in the Parallel-Mono position.
3 The input connector should be inserted into channel one (leave the channel two input empty).
4 Place a small diameter wire (14 gage {1.63 mm}) between the two red output binding posts.
5 Connect the speaker leads across the red and black binding posts.
6 Channel one level control should be used to control output level.

Note: For those amplifiers with IOC (Input-Output Comparator) the channel two IOC indicator will illuminate when the unit is operated in Parallel-Mono.

Note: CE Contractor Series (CH/CL Series) CP660, D Series and K Series amplifiers cannot operate in a Parallel-Mono mode.

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