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Roland MV-8000 Where Can I Get More Sounds?

IMPORTANT: Do NOT load files played with Windows Media Player. In addition, never have Windows Media Player open when connecting the MV to your computer via USB.

The MV-8000/8800 are very powerful samplers that can import a wide variety of sounds. Anything you can hear can be recorded as a sample and used within a song.

The MV can import 16-bit/44.1kHz .WAV and AIFF files loaded via USB directly from its hard drive. A recent Google search for “Free wave samples” gave nearly *ten million* results.

These .WAV or AIFF samples must be assigned to the pads manually. If you’d prefer to import pitched instruments that automatically map across the pads (or keys), you’re looking for CD-ROMs (not DVDs) in either Roland S-series or Akai S-Series format, available here:


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