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How do I prevent someone from stealing my iLok?

iLok has a loop on it so that you can secure it using an anti-theft cable. Also, you can optionally protect your iLok with a password. When password protected, iLok will prompt for a password whenever you insert it into a new computer and run protected software or attempt to modify its authorization contents. This is also a useful feature for situations where an iLok is used in a public location, such as universities or studios.

If an iLok has been password protected, then the user will have to input the password only once for each machine the iLok is used on, and only for the first software product that requires a password protected iLok. Not all companies that implement the iLok support this feature or leave it enabled.

Note: iLoks cannot be used with iLok.com when they have a password enabled. You will need to take the password off the iLok in order to register, identify or use any iLok.com features.

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