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Overture Video now available!
Titled, “Overture Made Easy,” this training, video was produced by Opcode Systems and AVID Productions, and features Overture Product Manager, Tim Self

“Overture Made Easy,” is a step by step look at the premier music notation and Publishing package. Customers will learn how to:
Get up and running quickly , Use all the tools, Edit using shortcuts and tips , Assemble a score layout, Prepare your score for printing, Setup MIDI for real time and step recording Retail price is $29.95, and Dealer price $17.95

New Overture Overture 1.04 is shipping . This update includes fixes for most known problems at this time.

OMS 1.2.3 OMS 1.2.3 is the current shipping version of OMS. is version makes MIDI work correctly on the PowerMac modem port, for OMS-compatible applications.

Sonic Solutions has announced and is currently working on a version of Studio Vision that works with the Sonic Solution digital audio hardware. There is no release ate set.

NAMM. I will be absent from my office this week attending attending at the home office in Palo Alto and then trending the Name show in Anaheim. The NAMM show runs from Friday, 20 January to Monday the 23rd. Our booth number is #2521. If you are going to the show and we don t have an appointment, se call Chaton at 415-812-3243 to make one if you wish. She will have my schedule. (Opcode is closed Monday for Martin Luther Kind Day)

New Force in Opcode R&D (From the International Opcodian)
Opcode welcomes a new addition to the R&D department, Mr Samir Patel.
Patel Graduated from Corneal University with a asters in Computer Science.
He has a background with AT&T Bell Labs working the ANSI C compiler, floating point algorithms@, and math libraries.
In addition, Patel has worked for Ardent Computers, doing work for a parallel/vectorizing MIPS based architecture.. Before joining Opcode, he was Director of Software and Director of Program Management for Kubota Graphics.
Patel has been appointed Vice President of Engineering at Opcode;de. His mission is to help take Opcode and the Engineering organization to the next plateau in the evolution of the company, including moving to new operating systems, expanding into new vertical markets, improving the quality of our products, and creating Opocde’s s next generation of software and hardware products.
Patel has a pilot’s license and enjoys flying, traveling, and just about anything outdoors.

Pro Tools Ill Support: Opcode has received a number of calls from Studio Vision customers using Session 8 or the new Pro Tools III, so it’s likely that you will also.

Here is some helpful info on running Pro Tools Ill with Studio Vision.
Studio Vision will recognize Pro Tools Ill as a Session-8. As a result, the types of quirks that occur with Session-8 may occur with the Pro Tools Ill and Studio Vision. These include occasional output assignment problems (Audio switching outputs) and volume problem, (Audio playing back softer than monitored at time of recording).

Be sure the customer is using the 882 io card. Studio Vision does not address the 888 yet.
Side note: One customer appeared to have more success with later versions DAE, such as 1.1.3. According to Digi. the latest version is 1.3.2. Studio Vision currently ships with DAE 1. 1. 2.

Vision Demo
You guessed it. There is now (finally) a Vision demo disk. It just like Vision in every way except that it does not save or print. It also is not copy protected so you may feel free to copy and distribute it freely. Give it to people interested in taking Vision home
a test drive. You can get them free with any order or just give me a call.

Latest Vision Versions
Vision, Studio Vision Pro and Studio Vision AV are at version 2.0.8. Any customer buying an earlier version from you will automatically get the latest version from Opcode when they send-in the registration card.

Mac McCormick

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