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How to set up and configure OMS (Open Music System) with a USB midi interface.

OMS is a driver or helper application that allows your computer to speak to your MIDI interface. The following instructions are for a USB Mac and an OMS-compatible interface.

The newest version of OMS is 2.3.8 ,and is either on your application CD or available for free download from www.opcode.com. *(Midiman interfaces need to use OMS 2.3.7)

Instructions for setting up Opcode’s Open Music System (OMS):

1. Open the Opcode folder on your Hard Drive. Open the OMS Applications folder and double-click on OMS Setup.
2. Go to OMS’s File Menu and choose New Studio Setup. Click OK.
3. Leave both the Printer and Modem ports unchecked and click Search.
4 . The search should find your MIDI interface, as well as some other dirvers. click OK.
5. If the ports have detected keyboard devices with question marks over them, put a checkmark by the icon for your port. A=Port 1 and B=Port 2.* Click OK again.
7. Give the setup a unique name and save it.
8. Double-click the question mark on the keyboard icon. You should see the MIDI Device info dialog for that device.
9. In the MIDI Device Info box, choose the Manufacturer and Model of your keyboard. If your model isn’t listed, choose Other and type the model in the Name field. Then check “Is Controller” and “Is MultiTimbral.” All 16 channels should be checked to receive, and the six boxes on the right side need to be unchecked. Click OK.
10. Go to the File Menu and Choose Save.
11. Now you are ready to test the OMS studio setup
12. Go to the Studio Menu and make sure Test Studio is checked.
13. Your cursor will turn into an 8th note. Click on the icon for your keyboard (and any other MIDI device that should play sounds).
14. This should trigger random notes at full volume from the MIDI device. You have MIDI Output!
15. Play a note on your keyboard (or whatever controller you use to enter notes into the computer).
16. If your Macintosh has it’s volume turned up, your computer should talk to you. It will say, “MIDI received,” in a woman’s voice. You have MIDI input!

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