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How to Test OMS

Locate the OMS Setup application and launch it. It’s in the OMS Applications folder inside the Opcode folder on your Hard Drive.

1. Go to the Studio Menu and make sure Test Studio is checked.
2. Your cursor will turn into an 8th note. Click on the icon for your keyboard (and any other MIDI device that should play sounds).
3. This should trigger random notes at full volume from the MIDI device. You have MIDI Output!
4. Play a note on your keyboard (or whatever controller you use to enter notes into the computer).
5. If your Macintosh has it’s volume turned up, your computer should talk to you. It will say, “MIDI received,” in a woman’s voice. You have MIDI input!

If OMS Setup fails either test, your computer is not communicating with your devices via your interface correctly. Try to set it up again, by creating a new OMS setup (from FILE menu) or seek assistance from Sweetwater Tech Support.

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