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How to setup Finale, Allegro, and/or Printmusic to use OMS.

If you’re using OMS, here’s a guide to connecting to it from within your Coda notation product.

Make sure OMS is set up and testing correctly before you attempt to set up your Coda software.

1. After OMS is installed and configured, go to Finale’s MIDI Menu and select MIDI Setup.
2. In the MIDI Setup dialog box choose Open Music System as the MIDI System.
3. The Output Device should be your keyboard or sound module (your preferred sound source) and the Input Device should be your keyboard or controller. If you don’t see them listed, click on the drop down menu and select the appropriate item. Only one item should be selected for each Device popup. To de-select an item, click on the drop down menu and choose the item again.
* If an item listed appears in italic lettering, do NOT select it. It’s from a previous OMS Setup and no longer currently available.*
4. If you don’t see the names of your MIDI device(s) listed in the popup menus, then OMS is not configured properly. Try creatng a new OMS setup, or contact Sweetwater Tech Support.

*If you don’t see your keyboard or device name in the popup menu, but Ports ARE listed, try selecting the port to which your MIDI device is connected. Do not select the interface itself, since it is neither a controller nor a sound module … it’s just another item currently in your OMS setup.

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