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Can I use an older version of my Sony Media Software application to open files saved in a newer version?

Sony Media Software applications are not backwards compatible.

This means that projects created or edited and saved in the newer (including trial or demo) version of Sony Media Software applications cannot be opened in an older version of the software if you decide not to upgrade. With that being said, if you download a demo or trial of a Sony Media Software application and save the project from that demo under the same name, you could overwrite projects on your hard drive. You should save the project with a different name, using the Save As option in the File menu, to keep your current important projects intact.

It is also recommended that you click “No” when the program asks if you would like to associate existing file types for the same reason.

Also, note that rendering the project out of the trial or demo before the trial expires will not allow you to go back and adjust edits that you have made within that project.

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