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Noise burst or click when attempting a S/PDIF digital transfer from Audiomedia II to a Tascam DA30. (DA-30, AMII, AMIII, 882|20 compatibility.)

S/PDIF compatibility between the DA30 and digi hardware was changed on 4/4/94 to “Not Supported” due to a clocking problem that can occur when a S/PDIF digital transfer is attempted to the DA30. Although every attempt was made to achieve compatibility with the currently shipping DAT decks at the time AMII shipped, due to the way the DA30 interprets the digital signal, a loud noise burst (when the DA30 is record enabled) or a click (written at the start of the transfer) can occur. A workaround is to toggle the digital input selector on the DA30. This resets the clock and usually overcomes the problem.Audiomedia II or 882 Studio Audio Interface users: Audiomedia II cards with Motorola 56001 DSP chips, and 882 Studio Interfaces can be modified for DA30 compatibility. Cards with Motorola 56002 DSP chips have a jumper that can be set for DA30 or Other compatibility.Audiomedia III or 882|20 Audio Interface users: A compatibility switch is available within the Hardware/Other Options window that allows you to select between Tascam and Other mode. This function was implemenetd in DSI 3.0.3 for AMIII, and DSI 3.2.3+ for 882|20.888, 888|24, 442 users: The software switch is not available on the 442, 888, 888/24, 882 I/O, and S/PDIF output on these units cannot be modified for compatibility. The workaround on the 442, 888, and 888|24 is to use the AES Digital Output, which does not exibit the problem when used with the DA30.

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