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Logic in 64 bit mode doesn’t see Play, what should I do?

Like all 3rd party plug-ins that have not yet been validated, Play must first be opened in Logic’s 32 bit mode to validate the AU plug-in. ┬áPlease see the following steps to do so:

  1. Quit Logic Pro (if it’s currently running).
  2. Navigate to and select the Logic Pro application in the Applications folder.
  3. Choose ‘Get Info” from the Finder File menu
  4. Enable the “Open in 32-bit mode” check-box to run Logic Pro in 32-bit mode.
  5. Disable the check-box to run Logic Pro in 64-bit mode.

Once this is done, re-open Logic in 32-bit mode and (if necessary) go to Logic’s Preferences / Audio Unit Manager window and click on the ‘reset & rescan’ button. Next, follow the instruction above to switch back to the 64-bit mode. Play should now be validated for use in 64-bit mode.

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