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Installing an East West PLAY Library on Mac

To install a Play product on your Mac do the following:

  1. Insert the Disc #1 of your product into your MAC.
  2. Double click the item with “Installer” in the title to begin the installer process.
  3. After agreeing to the License terms, select your system drive in the “Select a Destination” window. NOTE: You can designate the Library destination from the next screen.
  4. From the “Custom Install…” screen you can designate the Library to be installed to a different drive. To the right of the Library name, click folder icon under the “Location” column to select a destination for the Library. We suggest installing the library on a fast drive (7200 RPM or faster) dedicated to samples for best performance.
  5. The next window will ask you to verify that you have all of the discs you need to successfully install your product, then installation will begin. NOTE: Play libraries come on Dual Layer DVD discs and may take upwards of 45 minutes per disc to install, so please allow sufficient time per disc as the long installation time is normal. The progress bar is also updated after each disc and is not always accurate. The installer will prompt you when it is ready for the next disc.
  6. After installation you will need to authorize. Instructions for that can be found here.
  7. After installation we suggest that you get the latest Play Software Update to be sure that all of your software is up to the latest version, as well as any pertinent Play Library/Instruments Updates, to make sure you’re patches are up to date. You can find the latest updates here: Play Updates Page

PLEASE NOTE: In some configurations if you have already installed a Play library on your Mac, you will notice when you install a new library that the installer will prompt you to only install the “Library” portion of the new product, this is normal, you do not need to re-install all of the other software components. Make sure to run the Play Software Update after installation.

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