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Authorizing an East West PLAY Library to an iLok Key

Each PLAY library comes with an authorization code that is either affixed to the disc wallet or sleeve, or if purchased with a Hard Drive these may be emailed to you in your invoice. After installing the PLAY software and library, the ‘Authorization Wizard’ program must be used to authorize the software to your physical iLok key (which is required for all PLAY titles).

There is no authorization code for Play.  Play is just the sample engine that all the libraries reside within. The authorization codes are for the individual Play Libraries which can input into the Authorization Wizard one at a time, one after another.

PLEASE NOTE: you cannot transfer PLAY licenses to an iLok that is not registered to your iLOK account. If you have multiple iLoks and plan on transferring your PLAY license between them, make sure they are registered to the same iLOK account!

To authorize your PLAY product to your iLOK USB key, do the following:

  1. Launch the ‘Authorization Wizard’ program, which is located in the ‘East West’ folder inside the ‘Program Files’ folder (PC) or the’ Applications’ folder (Mac). Run this program after your installation is fully completed.
  2. There are two accounts that you will need (you can create these if you do not already have them), and each can be found by following the links in the ‘Help’ menu on the Wizard itself:*The first is an ‘iLok’ account, which you can create at www.ilok.com if you do not already have one. You’ll need to register your iLok key to this account.*The second, and primary account used in the Authorization Wizard, is a ‘Soundsonline’ account. You can create this at www.soundsonline.com if you do not already have one. Make sure to include your www.ilok.com username in your Soundsonline profile once you have created your account, as this links the two accounts together.
  3. After you have these two accounts set up, you are now ready to authorize your product. Insert the iLok securty key in a USB port on the computer and make sure it’s connected to the Internet. Enter your email address that is linked to your ‘Soundsonline’ account, as well as your ‘Soundsonline’ Password, and enter your Authorization Code and press ‘Authorize’. The license will be downloaded directly to your iLok security key. Once this process completes you are finished with authorization and can now use your product.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you authorize your product for the first time onto your iLok key, all further authorization management happens in the iLok License Manager application. Because of this you never need to authorize again after the first time, and your authorization codes will be ‘used’ and no longer work. Should you ever switch to another computer simply plug the key into that computer. 

PLATINUM PLUS: For each installed section, you must have the Platinum license for that section, as well as thePlatinum Plus license for that section (meaning for each installed section you will have two licenses). If you have an installed section without authorizing it, you will not be able to load any orchestra sounds.

PLATINUM: For each installed section, you must have a Platinum license for that section. If you have an installed section without authorizing it, you will not be able to load any orchestra sounds.

GOLD COMPLETE: You must have both a Gold license as well as a Silver license to run Gold Complete. Gold Complete comes with both of these.

SILVER COMPLETE: You only need a Silver license only to run Silver.

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