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How do I manually copy my EastWest PLAY library to a hard drive

You can copy the files directly off of the DVD’s onto your hard drive. However we recommend using our installer as it writes a registry entry that tells the PLAY favorites window the directory path to the applicable sound library. Here are two alternative options.

    1. Run the installer and select to install all the sections of the orchestra you want. On PC, as soon as the installer begins to copy samples over you can stop the install. On a Mac you should wait until the first disc has finishing copying over before quiting the installer. Now manually copy over all the files from each disk. Please note that the directory structure of the “EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Library” folder must have a “Platinum Instruments” and a “Platinum Samples” folder in the root directory of the folder. If you own Platinum Plus there should also be a “Platinum Plus Samples” folder. If you are a Gold user you should have a “Gold Instruments”, “Silver Samples”, and “Gold Samples” folders. Silver users must have a “Silver Instruments” and a “Silver Samples” folder.
    2. If option A seems too complicated, don’t select to install the library. Once the installer is complete, create a “EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Library” folder and manually copy all the files from your DVD’s. The structure of the folder should be the same as mentioned in option A. To get the entries in the favorites window to show up please refer to the following Knowledgebase articles:



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