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Guitar Setup: How to tune your guitar

Using a Tuner 

Example of a Snark clip on tuner.

If you’re just getting started with guitar, using a tuner will help you quickly tune your guitar and get on to making music. Most tuners are automatic and immediately detect which string you are playing. Although there are many styles to choose from, clip on tuners are a great tool to begin with.

The most common tuning is called standard tuning. Refer to the chart below to ensure you’re tuning each string to the correct pitch. Play the low E string and adjust the tuning machine until the tuner reads a perfect E. The note is “in tune” when the “needle” hovers in the middle of the tuner window.

Tip: Start slightly flat and tune up to the note to minimize the chances of  your tuner gears slipping while playing.

Standard tuning on a Fender Stratocaster.

Repeat this method for each string and its’ respective pitch. That’s it! Now that the guitar has been tuned, be sure to re-tune as strings will stretch and settle during the tuning process.









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