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EZDrummer 2 FAQ


Q: What happens if I buy the currently available version of EZdrummer before the release of EZdrummer 2 on May 6, 2014?

A: If you purchase EZdrummer now you will automatically receive a free upgrade to EZdrummer 2 (downloadable version, available on release). The EZdrummer 2 license will be automatically wired to your user account upon registration of EZdrummer. This offer expires on May 6 2014.


Q: Am I eligible for the free upgrade to EZdrummer 2 if I purchase an EZdrummer upgrade from the Lite version between now and May 6, 2014?

A: Yes, an EZdrummer Lite upgrade purchase entitles you to the same free upgrade to EZdrummer 2 in the same manner described above for the case of a standard EZdrummer purchase.


Q: What do I benefit from buying the currently available version of EZdrummer before May 6 2014?

A: You will get all the audio and MIDI content from EZdrummer – and the free upgrade to EZdrummer 2.


Q: Will the current version of EZdrummer be discontinued?

A: Yes. On May 6 2014, the current version of EZdrummer will no longer be available for purchase. As long as supplies last with retailers, customers will be able to register and authorize the program however. That said, the audio and MIDI content will become available as a regular EZX expansion (available May 6 2014).


Q: I own the current version of EZdrummer. How much does the upgrade cost?

A: The upgrade price is $89 ($10 less than the price in the Toontrack web store).


Q: Why should I upgrade?

A: EZdrummer 2 is not just an update – it is a completely new program introducing an extensive set of features. It also comes with two all-new drum libraries and a collection of percussion.


Q: Will my already installed EZX expansion libraries work in EZdrummer 2?

A: Yes. In fact, they will be optimized for EZdrummer 2 and include new graphics and effect chain presets. The EZX updates are only compatible with EZdrummer 2 and will be provided free of charge to EZdrummer 2 customers (available May 6 2014).


Q: What should I know before I upgrade to EZdrummer 2?

A: The minimum system requirements for EZdrummer 2 are as follows:

– Windows 7 or newer, Pentium 4 or Athlon processor

with 2 GB RAM.

– Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, Intel-based Mac with 2 GB RAM.

– 4 GB of free hard disk space.

Most notably, EZdrummer 2 will NOT be compatible with Windows XP/Vista, nor Mac PowerPC or Mac OS 10.5 on Intel-based Mac.


Q: Will EZdrummer 2 run side by side with EZdrummer?

A: No, it will replace it and automatically load in place of the EZdrummer 1 instances in your existing projects. All the settings you made to EZdrummer in those projects will be preserved and playback will be exactly as it was, but you will gain access to the features and controls available in EZdrummer 2.


Q: What about future EZX-s, will they continue to be compatible with EZdrummer 1?

A: No, from here on, new EZX-s joining the current line up will only be developed to be compatible with EZdrummer 2 (and Superior Drummer), and will be advertised as such. The current line of EZX-s will continue to be available, in a revised format, retaining full compatibility with EZdrummer 1.

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