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Drag and drop is not working with EZ Drummer and Cubase.

EZdrummer supports drag and drop wherever possible. This means all sequencers application with very few exceptions.

Some host programs however do not support dragging to the sequencer or dedicated groove/MIDI list and the only MIDI import possible is via menu items labeled to that effect.

Important hosts with such limitation are hosts based on the Cubase engine in its first incarnation post ‘VST’ version (‘SX’ family’. This includes the following versions:

– Cubase SX 1 (SX2 and above is supported, SX3 or above recommended)
– Cubase SL 1 (SL2 and above is supported, Studio 4 is recommended)
– Cubase SE 1 (SE3 and above is supported)
– Cubase LE (and other OEM versions)

When hosted with the above, EZdrummer will function as normal as regards to sample player capabilities including multi channel routing and you will therefore be able to program your drum patterns at the ‘piano roll’ as normal but you will not be able to successfully drag grooves on the timeline.

A cumbersome workaround is to resize the Cubase background to uncover the user desktop and drag there after adjusting the velocity sweep control, then import as per host standard procedure. (this is a PC only workaround).

We strongly advise users to upgrade their software should they wish to access the extensive MIDI library while retaining a convenient workflow.

Please refer to the full compatibility list featured in this FAQ section if you are experiencing drag and drop issues with other hosts than Cubase.

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