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I want Cubase to be able to change the pathces on my keyboard, How do I add MIDI patch scripts in Cubase to do that?

Cubase Patch Scripts are a great way to tell Cubase what gear you have, the patch names, and the MIDI ports assigned to that instrument. Here is how to install them.

1. Go to the Start menu–>Programs–>Cubase SX3 and open the Cubase Application Data Folder.

2. Go to Scripts–>Patch names –>inactive

3. Place the script in the folder that corresponds with your product’s manufacture. You can always make a folder if the manufacture isn’t listed or just place the script in the root of the inactive folder.

4. Launch Cubase

5. Go to the Devices menu and choose MIDI Device Manager. Click Install Device

6. Scroll thru the list until you find the instrument script you just added, select it and click OK

7. Choose the MIDI ports that correspond to your device.