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When booting my Creation Station, I got a message that says “Overclocking failed.” What does this mean?

This message indicates that the BIOS in your Creation Station has been reset. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as power surges or outages, temporary disconnection of the battery, a hardware change, or for no apparent reason at all.

To restore the Creation Station’s BIOS to its factory state, please see the following articles:

* CSTowerLE and CSTowerPlus: Article # 31104
* CSRackXT, CSRackPro, CSRackPlus: Article # 31105
* CSRackDual30 and CSRackDual34 shipped after 11/13/06: Article # 31106
* CSRackDual28 and CSRackDual32, and CSRackDual30 and CSRackDual34 shipped before 11/13/06: Article # 31107
* CSDualTower, CSRackDual26, CSTower and CSRack (2007 versions): Article # 31109

If you Creation Station model is not listed here, please call Tech Support for instructions. These models will be:
* CSPro
* CSCube
* CSRack (2006 and earlier)
* CSTower (2005 and earlier)

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