Kurzweil synth workstations - the K2000, K2500, K2600, and K2661 - have carved out a unique niche in the synth world. With incredibly powerful synthesis capabilities, Kurzweil instruments offer more sound creation power than just about any other synth in the business. Sweetwater has been deeply involved with Kurzweil since the days of the original K250, and we'll be happy to assist you with the current Kurzweil workstations. The following articles and files will be useful to owners of a K2000, K2500, K2600, or K2661. We hope they enhance your Kurzweil experience.

NOTE: Sounds with .KR1 .KR2 extensions are multiple-disk sets and must be renamed with a .KRZ extension *after* they are on the floppy disk.

K2000/2500 Hot Tips by Daniel Fisher - as reprinted from Keyboard Magazine
The Sweetwater K2B3 - Now Realtime B3 Drawbars on a K2000!
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The Official Brian Cowell Collection
Sounds to Download
The following articles and files were posted in the mid '90s. We've kept them on our website as a service to all of our loyal K2000 and K2500 owners. Although the information may be be somewhat outdated there is still good stuff to be found.
Standard MIDI File Translator - Remap GM files to play on your Kurzweil!
Christmas Tree Bells - K2000 / K2500 Sample
Most Often Asked Questions About The K2000 (and the answers)
Sweetwater's Top 10 Kurzweil Questions
Table Of Approved K2000 SCSI Drives
Table Of Approved K2500 SCSI Drives
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