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What sustain Pedal will work with my Kurzweil K2000, K2500, K2600, or K2661 keyboard?

A foot switch pedal from any manufacturer is compatible with our keyboards. Some pedals have reverse polarity, but all our products check the pedal polarity on power up and reverse themselves if needed, so as long as the pedal is plugged in before you turn on the unit, any pedal will work.

In addition, some keyboards use mono jacks for each switch pedal input, whereas other keyboards use a single stereo jack for two pedals.

The K2000, K2500, K2600, PC88, & PC2 use mono jacks for each pedal. Single Pedals available from Kurzweil include the FS-1 and KFP-1. The KFP-2M, a Dual Pedal with two mono plugs is also available.

The RG Series, Troubad, and SP Series, use a single stereo jack for two pedals. The KFP-2S is available from Kurzweil. It is possible to plug a single mono plug pedal into these units, but you will only have access to one of the pedals. If the pedal is plugged in all the way, it will be the Left pedal, and if the plug is pulled out slightly, it will be the Right pedal.

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