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Winter NAMM 2010: Numark V7

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Numark’s V7 looks like a CD turntable, but really its a tactile controller designed specifically for use with Serato ITCH. It’s fully motorized and features a full-sized platter, so traditional DJs will feel right at home with it. Its audio output configuration lets you use the V7 with any DJ style mixer, effectively giving you both the hands-on control over ITCH that you want and the familiar analog hook ups you need to integrate ITCH into the rest of your DJ rig. And you can alway put two together for the ultimate ITCH-based rig.

Numark V7 DJ-style Software Controller Features:

  • Lets you integrate Serato ITCH into your DJ rig
  • Motorized turntable with a familiar feel
  • Audio outputs for use with any DJ mixer
  • Comes with Serato ITCH DJ software
  • Built-in effects control

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