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Vocal Booth

Typically a part of a recording studio portioned off from the rest and isolated (to some degree) in terms of sound transmission. Vocal booths have typically been used to provide a space to record solo instruments (such as, but not limited to voice) without the recording being compromised by other elements in the studio. An obvious example would be recording a vocalist live while an ensemble is playing. But applications vary widely. Many times a vocal booth (which could more aptly be called an isolation booth) may be used for a guitar or bass cabinet when recording drums and other basic tracks for a song. In other applications a vocal booth may be in or adjacent to a control room and used to record voice overs for video or commercials. In this case there may not be any large studio space at all. In any case vocal booths are typically made out of materials that provide a good deal of sound isolation from outside and provide mostly sound absorption on the inside.

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