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USB related Tech Support updates

A couple of technical compatibility updates from the Sweetwater Service and Technical Support department.

  1. A USB to serial port adapter that works with MIDI? Sort of.

    The Keyspan USA28X has been approved for use with Digidesign Machine Control software. The USA28X is NOT approved for use with OMS and serial MIDI interfaces. We have tested this scenario here, and indeed it does not work. The USA28X does, however, work with FreeMIDI and MOTU serial interfaces. Yes, that wasn’t a misprint. We have tested the USA28X and found it to work with MOTU serial MIDI interfaces.

  2. MOTU USB interfaces ready to start working with PC computers

    PC Drivers and EPROMS for MOTU USB MIDI interfaces are available as BETA drivers only. (Note: the Fastlane USB interface does not require an EPROM update to work with a PC, only the beta drivers.) These upgrades are available (free of charge!) to registered owners of these USB devices; either directly through MOTU or by contacting Sweetwater Technical support.

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