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FreeMIDI is a complete MIDI operating system for the Macintosh and handles all MIDI communication between various pieces of hardware, including the Mac CPU and MIDI interfaces, and any Free MIDI compatible MIDI software. It ships free of charge and is automatically installed with all Mark of the Unicorn music software products. It comes in the form of a FreeMIDI system extension, an optional OMS emulator extension (to emulate the Opcode MIDI System), and a FreeMIDI Folder, which resides in the top level of the System Folder. FreeMIDI automatically detects what type of MIDI interface is connected to the Macintosh modem and/or printer port, automatically detects what MIDI devices are connected to interface (it “knows” over 200 types of devices), and provides the user with a graphical representation of their MIDI studio. It also provides pop-up sound lists for over 100 popular MIDI synthesizers-as, generic support for any General MIDI device, and advanced features such as inter-application communication, and multiple application real-time synchronization.

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