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MIDI Interface

A device that allows MIDI equipment to be connected to and work with a computer. Over the years MIDI interfaces have come in many different sizes, shapes, capabilities, and price ranges. The simplest interface has just one MIDI input and one MIDI output, providing the most basic way to get a MIDI instrument connected to a computer. More modern and sophisticated designs may have many discrete inputs and outputs as well as ports for synchronization of MDM’s and other technologies. Some have the ability to resolve MIDI data to word clock, LTC, or video sync, and some even have Superclock capabilities. A few have been able to provide MIDI routing and patch bay features as well as MIDI processing functions (like changing one type of continuous controller data to another), but most newer models have forgone these features since modern software is so sophisticated with these kinds of tasks. Early models had to be built specifically for each type of computer (PC, Mac, Atari, Amiga, etc.), but recently, with the emergence of standards like USB and the decline of other computing platforms, most MIDI interfaces are cross platform and work equally well on Mac or PC.

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