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Track Editing vs. Phrase Editing on Roland’s VS workstations.

Q: “What’s the difference between Track Editing and Phrase Editing on Roland’s VS-1824CD?”

A: Track Editing and Phrase Editing are similar functions within the VS Series digital multitrack workstations. They’re both forms of non-linear editing, and it’s best not to get too caught up in the different naming conventions that different manufacturer’s use. Having said that, here’s the difference. A ‘Phrase’ as it relates to the VS-1824CD is a set of pointers that tells the VS-1824 what portion of a take is to be played by a track. In other words, every time you start and stop a recording, the VS-1824 creates a block of audio that it defines as a ‘Phrase’. With Phrase Editing, the entire phrase is affected by the edit and the START and END (or in and out) points of the edit are already defined. This differs from Track Editing in that you have to define the START and END (or in and out) points of the edit when Track Editing – they are NOT predefined. For the most part, the form of the edit can be the same, i.e. CUT, COPY, PASTE, etc.

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