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Tips for applying acoustic foam to your room.

Today’s tip is advice that comes from Sweetwater Sales Engineer Nathan Russell.

Looking to improve the sound of your control room or studio by putting up some Auralex acoustic foam? Afraid that you might permanently damage your walls and ceiling by applying the heavy duty adhesive needed to hang the Auralex? Here may be a solution to fit your needs, save your investment, and improve your sound.

After speaking with your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to determine the proper package of foam that you will need for your application, take a trip to the local hardware store and pick yourself up some plywood or some drywall. Depending on your application, drywall may be a little less expensive to deal with, but also more prone to crumbling and falling apart. Plywood will be more durable and easier to remove and remount in the future.

Take your purchased 4 x 8 sheets of material and begin by cutting them in half, making 4 x 4 pieces to attach the foam to. If you are feeling adventurous, this would be the ideal time to paint the pieces to either match (or if you’re feeling artistic as well), paint them to contrast the color of the Auralex foam that you purchased. Finish by allowing the wood/ drywall to dry, then attach the foam.

Now you are ready to hang the Auralex/ plywood squares in any matter you see fit. By applying the foam to the drywall or plywood first, you have effectively made a removable piece that you will be able to remount, or even take with you when and if the need to move your studio ever arises. By attaching the foam to these squares of wood/ drywall, you save your walls, your foam, and your investment for years to come.

In many situations it can be beneficial to hang these “panels” you’ve made a few inches in front of the walls. This provides a sort of “dead space” behind them that can act as a bit of a bass trap, thus potentially improving the overall effectiveness of your treatment. The panels also make a good start to gobos you can use around your studio. Attach two together back to back with some 2 x 4’s in between to act as a frame and you’re all set.

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