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TASCAM DP-008 Review

If I were a beginning recording artist, the TASCAM DP-008 might look a little daunting at first glance. However, after putting it to good use I can say that is not the case. The more I began fidgeting with the controls and getting into the capabilities the more I realized how simple it is, and how much it can do…wherever I wanted to record due to the power of AA batteries. Utilizing the multiple input options, punch record, mixing and editing, I found out what a punch this little device packs!
I began by skimming through the manual to read up on it, and before I knew it I was grasping for the DP-008 to find out first hand what all I could do with it. Not only does this thing record multiple tracks per song, but I was able to make all my violin tracks sound as if I had been onstage in a glorious concert hall, what with the reverb and EQ on every track.
I started laying down one track, which led me to laying down another, and another. Before I knew it I had an entire composition right in my hands, which I then exported to my computer as raw .WAV files for further editing and mixing in my DAW. Of course, there is always the option of cutting and mixing right there on the DP-008 while you’re away from your computer as well.
If you’re looking for recording ease, convenience and portability, the Tascam DP-008 is an all-encompassing tool, which makes this a must for either the beginning recording artist or the urgent songwriter or musician out there looking for a studio-to-go.

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