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How to stop your Kurzweil from transmitting MIDI.


“I realize this may be a basic question,, but I want to stop my Kurzweil K2600 from transmitting MIDI at some points during a performance. How can I do that?”

Well,, it probably is a basic question to some people, but that’s okay. We’ve all been there at one time or anther. Maybe we can have some fun with it and along the way illustrate some basic problem solving skills. Find below a rather humorous approach as written by Daniel Fisher, former Director of Soundware Development and currently consultant to Sweetwater.

(Insert “Who Wants To Be A Midiot?” theme music here.)

Based on the question, choose from the following front-panel buttons of the K2600, which is a button that might have to do with MIDI Transmission?

Is it:
A) Program,
B) Setup,
C) QAccess, or

Final answer? If you chose MIDI, you are correct!

Now for double the money, which softkey that just popped up after pressing MIDI, might have something to do with Transmitting MIDI?

Is it:
D) Panic

Final answer? If you chose XMIT, you’re a winner! Only two more to go!!

Which parameter in the MIDI Transmit Page that just popped up, might have something to do with setting MIDI Control?

Is it:
A) Channel,
B) Transpose,
C) Control, or
D) Velocity Map

Final answer? If you chose Control, you’ve made it to the next step! We’re almost there!!

For the grand prize, which value under the MIDI Transmit Control parameter might make performance data only go to Local and not the MIDI Out?

Is it:
A) Both,
B) MIDI, or
C) Local

Final answer? If you chose Local, you’ve a big winner! “Tell them what they’ve won, Bob.”

“A K2600 that does not transmit MIDI!!!” And the crowd goes wild…

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