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A term used mostly in the video tape world to mean the fast forwarding or rewinding (though much slower than an actual fast forward or rewind) of tape while being able to see the picture (usually with no sound). The shuttle control of a video tape machine generally works in concert with a jog or scrub control. The shuttle control, which is usually implemented as a dial or wheel type interface, lets the engineer rapidly locate a section of the tape while viewing the picture. Then the jog or scrub control (also a wheel type interface) lets him slowly find the exact location desired while seeing video and hearing audio. Though this use of the term has its roots in video tape editing it has also been used in the audio world from time to time due to the wheel or dial type user interface. When audio recorders implement a similar wheel or dial for locating audio material they often refer to it as a shuttle control. Similarly non-linear video systems have software emulation of the same functions in order to help video engineers feel more at home on computer based systems.

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