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Satriani Marshall

Marshall amplifiers have been integral in shaping the tone of rock ’n’ roll for decades. Everyone from guitar heroes to weekend warriors wants that iconic Marshall sound. In the past few years, Marshall has created signature amps to capture the sound of Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, and others. This year, Marshall is proud to present the JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition amplifier head.

The Joe Satriani amplifier builds upon Marshall’s award-winning flagship, the JVM series. Joe completely overhauled the amp to dial in his specific tones. For starters, there are four noise gates — one per channel. Both OD1 and OD2 have a new Mid Shift button that changes the tonality to Joe’s personal taste. Also, the sound of the amp has changed significantly. The clean channel is based off of the 6100 clean channel. The crunch channel was borrowed from the Marshall AFD100 Signature Slash amp, and the OD channels are now voiced identically. This new voicing is similar to that of the JVM410 OD1, but with scaled-back gain. You can get the Marshall JVM410H Joe Satriani Edition amplifier head in black or a limited-edition blue, with a matching Marshall 1960A 4 x 12″ cabinet.

Marshall and Joe Satriani have created a new amp that is ready to shred right out of the box! Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for more information on this innovative signature amp.

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