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Microphone Month 5

Same Terror, Less Filling

Orange’s Tiny Terror (and sibling Dark Terror) set the standard for a compact, lightweight amplifier, with 15 watts (switchable to 7 watts) of tube power in a 15-pound package! But there are times when even a small amp like the Tiny Terror weighs about 13 pounds too much! When you need the smallest and lightest amp possible but with the biggest “real amp” tones you can get, you need the all-new Micro Terror! Get out your magnifying glass, because this amp is only 6.5″ x 5.3″ x 3.6″ and weighs just 1.87 pounds. But the Micro Terror still cranks out 20 watts of power from a hybrid design (tube preamp and solid-state power). With both speaker and headphone outs, you can use this amp for any purpose, anywhere you might need to be!

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