Orange Dark Terror 15/7-watt Hi-Gain Tube Head

15W/7W Tube High-gain Guitar Head w/FX Loop
Orange Dark Terror 15/7-watt Hi-Gain Tube Head image 1
Orange Dark Terror 15/7-watt Hi-Gain Tube Head image 1
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Orange Dark Terror 15/7-watt Hi-Gain Tube Head
In Stock!

Little Amp Head, Monster Tones!

Plug into Orange's Dark Terror tube amp head and hang on. This amazing little amp pumps out up to 15 watts of incredible tones and excels at heavy, high-gain sounds. Plenty powerful for small gigs and rehearsals, the Dark Terror head also adapts well to studio use, as you can drop the wattage down to seven watts for lower-volume saturation. Dial in an awesome gain range. Use the shape knob to tweak your tones to your liking. You even get a very cool tube-driven effects loop, so you can add your own effects and get even more killer tones out of this compact head. Crank up the volume knob and behold the sonic beast that is the Dark Terror!

Orange Dark Terror 15-watt Guitar Amp Head Features:
  • Gain, shape, and volume controls
  • 1.5mm Zintec chassis with steel vented top case
  • 7- or 15-watt Class A operation
  • Tube-driven effects loop
  • 3 x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 1 x 12AT7 effects loop tube, and 2 x EL84 output tubes
  • Gig bag included
Get huge, over-the-top tones with Orange's deceptively compact Dark Terror amp head!

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Tech Specs

Type Tube
Number of Channels 1
Total Power 15W/7W
EQ 1-band
Preamp Tubes 3 x 12AX7
Power Tubes 2 x EL84
Inputs 1 x Instrument
Outputs 3 x TS
Effects Loop Tube-powered (1 x 12AT7)
Height 7"
Width 11"
Depth 5.5"
Weight 15 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number DA15H

Customer Reviews

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Don't be fooled by its size, all the tone and volume you'd need in this truly, "Tiny Terror"

This is the first tube amp I've ever owned. I had a simple 1x12 Ibanez amp that was given to me with my first guitar before that, and I must say, I'm so glad I made it Orange. There were a few different models I was debating on, but I chose this one because of the high gain and versatile tone in an apartment and wallet friendly package. The tone is exceptional, even for not having a proper 3-band EQ, I absolutely love the tone I can get out of this amp. Closer to 7 o clock will give you much more bass-focused and muddy tones, while closer to the 4 o clock position will give you more punchy and treble-focused tone. Altering the tone knobs on your guitar will give you an even wider range of tone, and I've been very happy with the various ones I can get out of this paired with my Fender Stratocaster. As for volume, I live in an apartment. I really can't turn the volume knob more than the slightest turn if the gain is more than half way without irritating my neighbors and getting the landlord called on me. I have this amp paired with the Orange 2x12 open back cabinet. This amp is LOUD, even on the 7watt setting the above statement remains true. For the price, this amp is absolutely amazing. Every single time I use it I'm more and more impressed with just how great this amp really is. I cannot recommend this amp enough.
Music background: Recreational Home Player

Small Packages myth confirmed

Got this little demon as a practice amp/talking piece and boy was I surprised at the pure metal tones and raw power of this amp. The great sound mixed with it's no nonsense controls and portability have had me reaching for it as my live rig. Not only am I impressed but everyone else that plugs into this bad boy goes from skepticism to true believer in one chord. If your on the fence you really need to hear this amp for yourself. Once you do you had better have the money to buy it because your gonna want it.
Music background: Gigging Band and home studio enthusiast

Dark Terror Amp by Orange

I have had this amp for a couple weeks now and let me tell you it is great. I also own the Tiny Terror. The new amp is everything that I wanted when I bought the Tiny Terror. The Dark Terror has much more gain to it. You do not need to use a distortion pedal with it, it has all the gain you need in the amp. You can also tell when you switch from 7 watts to 15 watts, as the 15 watt settiing is quite a bit louder than the 7 watt. This is an amp made for Heavier styles fo music, yea that is a no brainer........It also seems louder that Tiny Terror, I think this is because of the extra preamp tube and gain stages. I have been using mine in stereo with my Tiny Terror through a Line 6 M13. The 2 together in stereo makes some sweet music.
Music background: Semi-Pro Musician/Producer

Scary, but has a soft side.

I got the Dark Terror to compliment my Dual Terror in the studio. For this, it is everything I wanted. I use my Dual Terror for my standard overdrive tones, but the Dark Terror to get some alternate sounds that the Dual can't do. The shape knob on the Dark Terror covers a lot of ground; all the way to the left, you get a cocked wah type of sound; all the way to the right, you get a really thin sound that can make humbuckers sound like single coils. In between you get all your normal sounds from pronounced lower mids, to scooped mids, to pronounced upper mids. All of these tonal options are great when you're using a lot of gain, but that isn't why I bought this amp. All of the reviews and videos online talk about what a monster this amp is with the gain turned up, but let me assure you that it can do everything from clean to all out roar with just a twist of the volume and gain knobs. Shockingly, with the volume maxed out, the shape knob between 3 and 4 o'clock and the gain down around 9 o'clock, you get a beautiful sparkling clean from the Dark Terror. The tube driven FX loop found in the Dark Terror is the best I've used. It is noiseless, doesn't change your volume and leaves you with quite useable high gain sounds. You do loose a little low end when using the FX loop, but that may or may not have been my pedals. Finally, some popular questions answered... Can it hang with a drummer? I'm running it through a Orange PPC212OB and I'd say it can definitely hang with a drummer when overdriven... No if you're running it clean. When overdriven, this seems as loud as my Dual Terror on its 30 watt setting. What tubes does it ship with? Mine came with JJs in all 6 tube positions. These sound nice, but new produciton Mullards in the power section and Tung-Sols in the preamp made it thicker, smoother and sweeter.
Music background: Home Studio Nerd

Amazing little amp

I really am blown away by this amp. Raising the gain knob you get everything from edgy cleans with a bit of breakup, classic rock tone that cleans up nicely with the guitars volume, and full on british roar at the other end. Sounds great even at bedroom volume, not fizzy at all (some vids can make it sound that way, but it isn't.) The tube driven effects loop is a nice plus, I threw a delay and reverb pedal in the loop, and it sounds so much better than when in front of an amp, like my old practice amp. And no need to run a boost pedal in front of this amp, it has plenty of gain even for a metal head like me. Only downsides I could see would be if a person wanted 2 channels for on the fly switching, and a cab emulated or headphone out. This amp also will not do really clean, clear cleans, but this is a rock amp, so clean and pristine isn't it's game. For me though, this is just about the perfect amp. Simple controls that can get a wide range of tones, no fussing around finding the sweet spots. Sounds good at bedroom level or cranked, handy effects loop, and simple, useful controls. The shape knob is great, can get a lot of great sounds unlike a normal bass, mid, treb stack where there are only a few sweet spots. This amp rocks. Everything I wanted in a home/studio amp, nothing I didn't, and amazing tone.
Music background: Hobbyist, Home Recording

Sweetwater Advice


Orange set a new standard for great tone in a compact package with their Tiny Terror amplifiers, and the family has continued to expand with new offerings that provide additional features and tonal colors. If your tonal leanings fall toward the heavier end of the sonic spectrum, then the latest Terror amp, the Dark Terror, is just what you've been waiting for. The Dark Terror is an all-tube amp that can crank out 15 watts of EL84 power, switchable down to 7 1/2 watts for lower-volume situations or if you want less headroom. The controls are very simple: Gain, Volume, and Shape, which is a powerful tone control. I was pleased to see the inclusion of an effects loop on the back panel; in high-gain situations, it's nice to be able to place delays and other effects after the gain stages for better processing control. There is a ton of gain on tap with the Dark Terror. You can set it for cleans, light crunch, or '80s-style metal, or you can push the Gain control up for extreme metal saturation. The Shape control does more than just adjust the treble. It simultaneously affects the entire frequency band, creating everything from classic rock tones to scooped metal sounds. There's plenty of sustain; big bottom-end chunk; and fat, rich depth to the sounds the Dark Terror puts out. In short, if you're after heavy sounds, the Dark Terror can get them, at reasonable volume levels. This amp is also surprisingly versatile. While it is clearly aimed at metal styles, it can cover clean sounds and classic rock sounds as well. The Dark Terror is a killer little amp loaded with tone, wrapped up in a compact, lightweight package with just the right amount of power.
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