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Roland V-Studios and Plug-Ins.

Q: “I heard that Roland is now doing plug-ins for their V-Studios. How does it work with my VS-1680?”

A: You’re right, Roland recently announced third party plug-in support as a new dimension for their VS series workstations. This plug-in platform supports VS workstations back to the VS-1680 (including: VS-1880, VS-1824, VS-2400, VS-2480 and VS-2000), however support for the VS-1680/1880/1824 is planned beginning the 2nd quarter of 2004, so keep your eyes peeled to the Roland site for updates. The key to this plug-in support is the VS8F-3 effects card. To use it, you simply install it into your VS-1680. It will support up to two (2) plug-ins at a time. The VS8F-3 card ships with five Roland plug-ins, and you can purchase additional third party plugs from Antares, Universal Audio and others, with more to come. Your VS-1680 can hold up to one effects board, so if you already have a VS8F-2 card, you’ll have to replace it with the VS8F-3 card.

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