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Roland V-Drum tips

The following are some helpful hints for all you Roland V-Drum owners out there (and we know there are a lot!).

Q. What’s the best way to keep my V-Drums Clean?
A. Put a little Armor All on your PD-9s and PD-7s. This will make them look like new and will help keep the rubber flexible. Use ONLY a damp rag on the rest of your drums (if you must, use soap sparingly – and then only on the cloth first).

Q. Should I use any particular type of Brushes with my V-Drums?
A. When playing with brushes make sure you use only nylon or plastic brushes. Metal brushes are not recommended by Roland.

Q. Can the TD-10 be used with an External Sequencer?
A. Yes, use a MIDI cable to connect the MIDI Out of an external MIDI device to the MIDI In of the TD-10. Then press [PATTERN]-[F2(FUNC)]-[F1 (GLOBAL)]. The pattern global page will appear. Move the cursor to “Sync Mode.” Use the value dial to select “External” or “Auto”.

Q. What type of Memory Card does the V-Drum use and how much can it hold?
A. It takes a Roland M-512E memory card only, and it will hold an additional 50 kits.

Q. Sometimes a pad triggers twice when I hit it hard. How do I eliminate this?
A. . Press the [SETUP]-[F1 (TRIG)]-[F3 (ADVNCD)]. You will now be in the Trigger Advance Page. Use the [CURSOR] button to move the cursor to (RetrigCancel). Hit the pad that is retriggering. While repeatedly hitting the pad use the [INC/DEC] or the Value Dial to raise the value of the Retrigger Cancel parameter until retriggering no longer occurs. Repeat for all pads that are retriggering.

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